Barney Reay’s Eleven, 1924

Barney Reay's eleven, Xmas 1924Barney Reay’s Eleven, 1924

Photograph Courtesy Henrietta Brydon

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3 responses to “Barney Reay’s Eleven, 1924”

  1. Phil says:

    Hi, interested in this football photo as I have the same. My wife’s family are Hamilton Reay. Any info re photo very welcome. Regards. Phil

  2. Phil Scott says:

    I would like this message to get to Henrietta Brydon please. I was interested to see your photo of Barney Reay’s eleven, my wife has the exact same photo. We are in Essex and a Mr Thomas Hamilton Reay came here around 1914/15 and was my wifes Father. He was Barney Reay’s brother. I would like to know if you have any further information regarding the people in the photo and would you know Barney’s correct name, we think he is Robert Reay. Thank you for any help. Phil. You may use my email address to contact me.

  3. admin_spirit says:

    Hi Phil

    Thanks for getting in touch with your fascinating story. Hopefully some visitors to the site will have more information on the picture that they can share here in the comments.

    Let me contact someone too and see if your message for Henrietta can be passed on.

    Thanks again


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