Frances Swinburne Memories

I miss the community spirit. At first I didn’t like it as I was 11 when I came to this country when dad came out of the army. We lived with my gran for two years in Minster Court then we got a house in Cloister Court. my best memory was when we had the street party for the jubilee it was brilliant all the street was decorated with Union Jack flags and every one joined in all the different courts celebrated that day. I remember having music outside and everyone bought food. My worse memory was when I was bullied for being born in Germany but I soon started to fit in. All my friends lived on the estate and went to my school, Elgin, which is no longer there either like Chandlers. It was lovely to catch up with faces of the estate again like my neighbor. I wished my mam could afford a camera so I could of had some photos to share. I remember there was a few big families living on the estate with loads of kids. I remember playing in square and only went in for tea our parents never had to check on us. I feel sorry for this generation as they will never know that freedom of roaming free you got up to mischief there was always some one to keep you in line or tell your dad. I lived there from 74 to 81.

Frances Swinburne

Memory Collected at Chandless Reunion, Gloucester Pub, 2015

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